Going Beyond Lead Generation

It’s no longer enough for Marketing to deliver a steady flow of qualified leads to Sales. Marketers who want to help their sales teams close more deals are now focusing on sales enablement as a way of providing a complete view of territories, accounts, and buyers.


There are three key ways in which a marketing team can help Sales better understand its audience: by providing insight into buyers, by maintaining top-of-mind awareness, and by developing trusted relationships.


Providing Buyer Insights

Thanks in part to modern solutions, marketers can now provide deep insights into buyer motivations and behaviors. By allowing their sales teams to see and understand the digital body language of buyers, marketers can give them the knowledge they need to figure out what an individual cares about, who within an organization is actively engaged in a buying process, and which organizations within a salesperson’s territory are showing buying interest.


Individual Insight: By displaying for the sales team – in an interactive, graphical format – the activity of each individual who’s a potential buyer, Marketing enables Sales to understand which conversations would be of most interest to them. Marketing can include insights such as the social media discussions that first caught each individual’s interest, or the communications to which they responded best, to help Sales guide discussions along a path that is of most interest to each buyer.


Company Insight: Marketers can also provide their sales teams with enabling insights into the companies they’re selling to. By identifying who within each company is actively engaged, not engaged at all, or taking negative actions such as searching on objection-related topics, Marketing helps Sales understand how best to navigate the buying organizations they’re dealing with.


Territory Insight: By looking at the companies in a salesperson’s territory and highlighting those that are showing overall signs of buying activity, marketers can enable that salesperson to focus on companies that show the most potential to become customers.


Maintaining Top-of-Mind Awareness

Equally critical to sales enablement is for your marketing team to ensure that your solutions stay top-of-mind with buying audiences. You can accomplish this through continual lead nurturing that provides insights and value to each prospect while keeping your company on their radar. Over time, as buying events take place, each prospect will display signals as they begin to conduct more active research on your products and solutions.


Marketing can enable Sales to engage with prospects by providing quick access to nurture campaigns into which salespeople can drop prospects who are not yet ready to purchase. When done right, these marketing automation processes can keep your solutions visible until a buying event develops.


Building Trusted Relationships

As much as your solutions need to remain on buyers’ minds, so do your salespeople. When a buying process finally begins, a salesperson whose name is familiar to the buyer will be in a much better position to sell than a stranger. Marketing can help by ensuring that all communications come from the salesperson assigned to each account – automatically, on their behalf – so that a trusted relationship can grow over time.


B2B Sales Enablement in a Nutshell

Marketers who go beyond lead generation and focus on sales enablement can drive more revenue for their organizations. By providing rich insights into buyers, their companies, and their territories, marketers enable Sales to better prioritize their efforts. And by using nurture campaigns and send-on-behalf-of personalization, marketers can help build familiarity between salespeople and their customers. Together, these techniques can significantly improve sales effectiveness.