Identify Campaigns That Drive Revenue

Powerful Revenue Analytics and Campaign Reporting

Modern Marketers need to measure everything and demonstrate the impact marketing initiatives have on generating qualified sales leads and revenue. Email marketing analytics give you access to reports and dashboards so you can quickly assess the sales and marketing funnel on a single marketing platform.


Immediate visibility into performance and pipeline.

Use the most flexible and powerful reporting package for marketers that are serious about measuring their business impact. These marketing dashboards and reports can help guide decisions across the whole organization.


See revenue, leads, and campaign results. 

  • Email campaign and marketing analysis.
  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).
  • Sales opportunities by region or product.
  • Website traffic, social media, and blogs.
  • Campaign revenue attribution.

Sharing marketing intelligence insights.

Marketing intelligence gives everyone insights into campaign performance impacts on qualified sales leads, pipeline, and ROI.

Dashboards and Reporting


Getting visibility into the marketing metrics that drive your business.

  • Integrate data from social media, email, website, and sales pipeline from CRM to close the loop and drive ROI.
  • Measure your effectiveness from day one using the comprehensive set of out of the box reports and dashboards.
  • Connect the dots between campaign response and closed revenue.
  • Understand response data and trends by drill into reports and dashboards.
  • Develop custom reports and dashboards that range from simple to sophisticated.  

Website Analytics


Knowing what your prospects are doing on your website.

  • Understand how visitors are interacting with your website with pre-configured, out-of-the-box reports.
  • Track number of visitors, popular pages, time spent, referral sites, search engines, keywords, and more.
  • Understand the impact of banner ads, blogs, and social media on your web traffic.
  • Tailor communications based on website visitor insights.
  • Optimize your website to maximize conversions.

Campaign Analysis


Visualizing the performance and revenue impact of marketing campaigns.

  • Understand how specific marketing activities and campaigns are driving pipeline, revenue, and ROI.
  • Report on the performance of all assets within a campaign for a holistic view of program effectiveness.
  • Identify campaigns generating the most pipeline, revenue, and ROI at a glance.
  • Summarize performance by geography, sales team, or product line.
  • Fully manage campaigns using marketing automation while synchronizing data with CRM.
  • Measure lead generation by campaign engagement and performance with cost metrics and multi-channel activity summaries.
  • View email engagement, click-through rates, bounce backs, conversion, and abandonment.