Send More Winning Leads to Sales

The Smartest Lead Technology in the Industry

Modern Marketing relies on lead management software to automate lead scoring, assignment, and nurturing. Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring from Eloqua is the industry’s most advanced lead qualification technology. Now you can rank qualified sales leads according to buying interest, enhance lead quality, route hot prospects to sales, and improve conversion rates.


All qualified leads are not created equal.
It's up to marketing to ensure that only the best marketing leads get passed to sales. Automatically rank your leads according to prospect fit and engagement so sales can focus on those with the highest probability to close.


Lead scoring is a must-have for well-performing marketing teams.

  • Improve campaign conversion rates.
  • Close more deals by boosting sales efficiency.
  • Build a healthy pipeline to revenue.

Lead quality drives revenue.

Capture and assign qualified leads so that your sales team gets the right information to convert more opportunities. Align sales and marketing with the same critical insight to close up to 30% more deals.


In a study of ten B2B organizations using lead scoring systems, Eloqua found that on average, close rates increased by 30%, company revenue increased by 18%, and revenue per deal increased 17%.  [Eloqua Lead Scoring Solution Guide]

Lead Scoring


Using lead quality definitions in combination with response, activity, and behavior data.

  • Force the best leads to the top so your sales team can maximize their productivity and improve win rates.
  • Use automated lead qualification technology to rank qualified sales leads according to buying interest/engagement
  • Automatically pass sales leads with higher scores that are considered more likely to convert to closed revenue.
  • Route unqualified or cold leads to lead nurturing programs until they become active again.
  • Uniquely score and route leads across multiple product lines.
  • Combine common lead quality definitions with key qualification data, including lead response, activity, and behavior.

Lead Assignment


Getting the right leads to the right salespeople at the right time.

  • Automatically capture and route leads to your sales team based on geography, industry, product interest, or other business rules.
  • Efficiently route and deliver leads to a direct sales force, named account model, or a distributed channel and sales organization.
  • Align sales and marketing so that no opportunity falls through the cracks.

Lead Nurturing


Converting cold leads into hot prospects with relevant and timely communication.

  • Improve sales close rates by staying in front of lower-quality leads instead of passing them to sales.
  • Convert cold leads into hot prospects with timely communications.
  • Use dynamic signatures to help develop relationships while still leveraging marketing automation.
  • Tailor email and landing page content to different roles, industries, or geographies to keep message relevant and engaging.
  • Build brand awareness and snatch potential sales from competitors.

CRM Integration


Passing top quality leads to sales in real time with CRM system integration.

  • Access insightful data and marketing analytics from lead tools, data providers, and CRM marketing applications.
  • Make it easier for sales to sell by passing critical marketing activity data and lead score data in the CRM for each lead.
  • Give sales the ability to add leads to marketing nurturing programs from the CRM.
  • Take advantage of more supported integrations than any other marketing automation platform.
  • Make smarter decisions, automate the lead generation process, and convert more contacts.