Make the Cloud Connections That Generate Success

A New World of Marketing Capabilities

Modern Marketers are reaching to the cloud to better understand buyers, achieve greater efficiencies, and extend their marketing automation investments.

Eloqua AppCloud makes it easy and fast.

Access insightful data and marketing analytics.
With more integrations supported than any other marketing automation platform, you can make smarter decisions, automate more of the marketing process, and reach more buyers.  

Connect to a host of marketing and sales applications and services.

  • Web conferencing platforms
  • Social media services
  • Customer data providers
  • Content Marketing Apps
  • And more

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App Marketplace


Choosing applications, services, and tools to extend market power.

  • Maximize investments in your marketing applications and boost ROI.
  • Extend the power and reach of your marketing automation platform.
  • Choose from a wide variety of marketing software and services.



Connecting applications that plug into the marketing automation platform.

  • Get in front of your buyers wherever they are.
  • Simplify your multi-channel marketing by integrating apps directly into your marketing campaigns.
  • Connect and automate previously manual or disconnected marketing processes.
  • Boost customer engagement with an integrated approach.



Integrating data and processes to automate marketing activities.

  • Gather valuable customer data that provides insight into a buyer’s interests and needs from sources outside of Eloqua.
  • Increase the quality of your database by cleansing, appending, and scanning for junk email addresses.
  • Capture social data or enable communication via social channels to expand your reach.
  • Use data collected by web conference providers to make your event marketing more relevant and personalized.