Turn Guests Into Fans

Personalized Communication for the 1:1 Connection

Modern Marketers in entertainment, sports teams, and venue owners are making the 1:1 personal connections that turn ticket buyers into subscribers and guests into fans. They are driving lifelong loyalty, deeper relationships, and increased revenue with integrated programs and multichannel campaigns from events to concessions and merchandise.


Increase revenue with targeted offers.
Capture data and behaviors to build personalized dynamic emails and landing pages to ensure an exceptional online experience. Align personal interests with communications and offers. Establish relationships by communicating the right message at the right time with sophisticated scoring and nurturing campaigns.


Drive engagement with sharable social content.

  • Build awareness of your events through social media.
  • Engage people through their preferred social channels.
  • Enrich your database with social profiles and activities.

Launch campaigns faster with blueprint templates.
Use a gallery of prebuilt best practice templates to launch email campaigns fast. Just insert your images, logos, and copy. You also get examples for all campaign touches to help you brainstorm your copy.



Taking advantage of prebuilt blueprint templates to get started fast.

  • Use basic templates that include layout and formatting ready for your copy and graphics.
  • Launch new campaigns in days not weeks.
  • Adapt prebuilt templates for suggested campaigns, emails, and landing pages based on best practices.



Personalizing communication with tailored yet consistent messages.

  • Develop an authentic 1:1 relationship turning guests into fans.
  • Send a steady stream of personalized communications.
  • Nurture fans while cultivating long-term loyalty and revenue.



Aligning audience interests with the information they require.

  • Automatically create and manage comprehensive activity profiles for any individual that visits your website, receives an email, or gets uploaded to your database.
  • Summarize a wealth of behavioral data in multiple ways according to the audience.
  • Deliver specific campaigns based on profiles and behaviors.
  • Track responses to specific campaigns and align interests to content.



Putting powerful reporting and website analytics at a marketer’s fingertips.

  • Take advantage of reports and dashboards, web analytics, campaign performance, and email revenue calculator.
  • Share valuable information on easy-to-understand dashboards that quickly assess the impact of marketing efforts.
  • Track how marketing efforts are driving fan engagement and ultimately attendance and revenue.
  • Produce high-level dashboards and drill into specific details by campaign.



Achieving successful implementation and rapid time to value.

  • Use our innovative SmartStartTM methodology that accelerates the success of your implementation.
  • Ensure synchronization with your CRM database, forms and tracking are on, and your segmentation and prioritization are up and running.
  • Rely on a team of knowledgeable experts in sports and entertainment marketing, marketing automation, implementation, and campaigns.
  • Expand your understanding of marketing best practices and more with education and certification programs.
  • Join our Topliners community to collaborate online with more than 80,000 Modern Marketers.
  • Connect in person to share best practices at Eloqua Experience conferences and local events.


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