Winter 14 Release Overview

The Winter Release is packed with enhancements that will help you target the right message, to the right contact, at the right time!

Truly Know Your Customers

Helping you centralize all your marketing data, Oracle Eloqua makes it possible to gain a complete, actionable view of your customers:

  • Capture buyer data from across all channels (owed, earned, paid) and use it for precision targeting throughout the customer journey.

  • Track ad engagement as digital body language for further targeting, profiling and reporting.
  • Publish landing pages to social media and track links in your social network to collect insightful social digital body language.
  • Use external data, such as purchase history, to find all contacts within a company where someone has purchased a product, to target other contacts within that company.

  • Improvements make it easier to sync data between Oracle Eloqua and the Sales Cloud.

Engaging Customer Experiences

From a website visit to an intricate, cross-channel campaign, Oracle Eloqua gives you the right tools to create engaging customer experience:

  • Harness power of the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud to drive fully integrated, cross-channel Oracle Eloqua campaigns with the recent introduction of over 15 new apps.

  • Use customer information, such as interest, activity, and buying stage to serve ads to third party sites and Facebook as you retarget prospects and customers.

  • Publish Eloqua landing pages to social networks with Social Integration with Oracle SRM.

Data-Driven Accountability

Bringing accountability to your marketing efforts, Oracle Eloqua arms you with new Revenue Dashboards that help you demonstrate that marketing is a revenue generating function in your organization:

  • New revenue dashboards provide campaign velocity, value, reach and ROI metrics to prove your impact on revenue.
  • Drill into performance metrics to diagnose revenue cycle inefficiencies and take action.

Empowering Modern Marketers


Keenly focused on continuous improvement, Oracle Eloqua is makes it easier for more and more marketers to embrace modern marketing techniques and technology with every product release:

  • Send an email in seconds: A new wizard approach to build Simple Email Campaigns – without campaign workflow. Comes with a simple performance report. Great for one-time emails like newsletters, announcements, or time-limited offers.

  • Helpful “Announcement Manager” feature allows you to craft HTML-based announcements that are presented to your own Oracle Eloqua marketing users at login.  Great for announcing new templates, maintenance advisories, etc.

  • Use the platform in your own language: Localization of platform user interface languages is now available, starting with German, French, French Canadian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.