Business Challenge

Arrow S3 leveraged Eloqua’s sales enablement tools such as sales email templates, weekly reports and real-time notifications of website activity to improve conversion throughout the funnel. The company doubled the productivity of its AE team and increased opportunities by 47%. Widespread adoption and success with the Eloqua tools opened the door for increased use of Eloqua Profiler and Eloqua Discover for Salesforce.



The sales team used Eloqua templates to send invitations to their customers for events, track RFPs and distribute branded materials to prospects. This enabled the team to be immediately responsive, rather than spend time creating emails from scratch.

A weekly report of e-mail activity coupled with real-time website visitor notifications nicely bundled the information for the AEs at the start of each week. That single report made them more productive, because they didn’t have to look through each contact to search for buying behavior. Additionally, they found reassurance in seeing the scope in which their premium customers engage in webinars, customer events and weekly lead-nurturing emails.



The marketing team contributed substantially to the company’s revenue growth and the number of opportunities. Year over year comparison shows:

  • Marketing funnel doubled in size
  • Increase of 28% in closed-won opportunities
  • Opportunities increased 47%

“The relationship between Marketing and Sales is very strong and has evolved over the past two and a half years largely because of Eloqua. Members from our sales force who have found success with our marketing tools are the best proof.”

Eric Butterwick | Marketing Communications Manager, Arrow S3