Modern Marketing Success in Action




ARC Document Solutions

Industry: Technology

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Revenue: $406 million

Focus: Lead Nurturing

ARC Document Solutions is the leading document solution provider for the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. During the recession, ARC transformed itself into the largest AEC document management company in the world. The driver behind this remarkable transition during economic turmoil was ramping up marketing focused on helping customers efficiently modernize with ARC's digital document management tools and cloud technology.


ARC Document Solutions Increases Lead Generation with Nurturing




Micro Focus

Industry: Technology

Location: Newbury, England

Revenue: $414 million

Focus: Engagement

Engaging conversations with increasingly educated customers using relevant, informative, and entertaining content - this is the Micro Focus vision for “Smarter digital marketing.” To make this happen, the company needed to regroup the sales and marketing efforts under a central technology stack that could facilitate campaign rollout and monitoring across all channels and segments.


Micro Focus Goes Viral and Doubles Marketing's Contribution to Pipeline




University of New Brunswick

Industry: Education

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

Revenue: N/A

Focus: Marketing Automation

The University of New Brunswick knows their alumni are the people most likely to make donations in support of the school's mission. But the university had no reliable way to communicate with approximately 80,000 graduates.


University of New Brunswick Engages Alumni Base with Targeted Campaigns




Exact Software

Industry: Technology

Location: Delft, Netherlands

Revenue: € 213 million

Focus: Engagement

Modern Marketing enhances the customer experience with engagement in a mutually enriching, one-on-one dialogue. To support opening up their SaaS portfolio to new markets at a 50% yearly rate, Exact turned to Oracle Marketing Cloud for international campaign rollout, data nurturing, and performance monitoring on one system.

Exact Increases Sales Qualified Leads by 35% with Modern Marketing



Industry: Technology

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Revenue: €155.1 million

Focus: Engagement

The wide acceptance of cloud computing by both businesses and individuals has raised security concerns. Security providers are developing new ways of preserving safety and privacy on virtual platforms. This is why F-Secure in Finland launched Younited for Business, a cloud platform designed to put people back in control of their digital world.


F-Secure Creates Buzz Around Cloud Security and Revives Channel Marketing


Industry: Technology Enabled Service
Location: Glen Allen, VA
Revenue: N/A

Focus: Marketing Automation

Leading employers post jobs on Snagajob to connect with thousands of potential employees. Although the company saw digital marketing as an essential activity, their CRM solution offered limited marketing automation functionality and provided no reporting insight.

Snagajob Increases Revenue and Quantifies Campaign ROI





Industry: Financial Services

Location: New York, NY

Revenue: N/A

Focus: Lead Nurturing


Axial provides an online networking platform that helps the right businesses find the right investors—to the benefit of everyone involved. How has Axial managed to break into a tight-knit market that’s all about who you know? They took advantage of digital marketing.

Axial Grows the Business and Gains Key Marketing Insights





Industry: Healthcare

Location: Louisville, KY

Revenue: $75 million

Focus: Targeting 


Few things are more frustrating to a digital marketer than bounced emails. Hoping to increase email deliverability, ZirMed’s marketing organization began looking for a marketing automation solution that would not only make it easier to eliminate bad email addresses from the database, but also offer detailed reporting to help the company better target marketing messages.


ZirMed Enhances Targeting to Double Inquiries and Boost Sales

    ® Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company

Industry: Manufacturing

Revenue: $57 billion

Location: Midland, MI

Focus: Marketing Automation

As a diversified, global corporation with more than 6,000 products, manufactured at more than 200 sites in 36 countries throughout the world, Dow receives thousands of requests for product samples per month. Sample management has historically not only been an interesting challenge for this complex company, but was also an important one which has a direct—and potentially significant—impact on sales and revenue growth.

The Dow Chemical Company Automates Sample Process



Industry: Media / Entertainment Technology
Revenue: N/A

Location: Burlington, MA

Focus: Integration


The Avid marketing team wanted to reach prospects and customers in a new way. The company had used email marketing with much success in the past, but wanted to expand their nurture programs in an innovative way. Avid wanted to find a solution that would also help solve the challenge of turning their unknown website visitors into leads.


Avid Uses Eloqua AdFocus to Target with Display Ads

lifesize logo

LifeSize, a division of Logitech

Industry: Telecommunications
Revenue: N/A

Location: Austin, TX

Focus: Content Marketing


When LifeSize was preparing to rebuild their global corporate website, Megan Lueders, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, realized it was the perfect opportunity to develop a modern content strategy.  


Persona-Based Content Strategy Fills the Pipeline at LifeSize

Avalara logo


Industry: Technology
Revenue: N/A

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA

Focus: Marketing Automation

Since 2004, Avalara, Inc., has helped thousands of small and midsized companies reduce their risk of potentially costly tax audits by providing them with a fast and easy way to manage indirect taxes. But even as a leader in sales tax automation services, Avalara must work hard to market prospect offerings.


Avalara Targets Audiences to Crush Campaign Goals



Industry: Technology
Revenue: $37.2 billion

Location: Redwood Shores, CA

Focus: Marketing Automation

To any business that uses enterprise technology, Oracle needs no introduction. With 400,000 customers in more than 145 countries—and an online developer community that’s 15 million members strong—Oracle’s brand was rated #18 on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands in 2013. Oracle’s 1,000+ marketers run campaigns that generate more than one million leads per year and host over 8,500 events annually to engage with customers and partners and demonstrate Oracle’s products, services, and technology innovations.


Oracle Personalizes Customer Experience



Industry: Technology
Revenue: N/A

Location: Amherst, MA

Focus: Marketing Automation

Hoping to upsell more trial users to become paying customers, Semantria wanted to track and respond to sudden increases in usage. But monitoring individual accounts would have been far too time-consuming for Semantria’s lean staff. Semantria solved this challenge by integrating Eloqua with its own solution to automate the sales funnel.


Semantria Automates Sales Funnel to Grow Revenue 600%


TalkTalk Business

Industry: Telecommunications
Revenue: £7.4 Million

Location: Warrington, England

Focus: Lead Nurturing


As Paul Higgins, Marketing Director for TalkTalk Business will tell you, the UK telecom and IT market is complex and evolving fast. Because of that complexity, the company needed to generate leads qualified to a higher standard.

TalkTalk Business Succeeds with Engaging Conversations


Thomson Reuters

Industry: Information
Location: New York, NY
Revenue: $902 million
Focus: Sales Enablement

After implementing Eloqua for marketing automation, the Marketing Operations team in the Intellectual Property (IP) & Science business of Thomson Reuters soon found themselves on the next stage of their journey to Modern Marketing. What prompted this move?

Thomson Reuters Aligns Sales and Marketing Teams



Industry: Technology
Revenue: £121.4 Million

Location: Espoo, Finland

Focus: Lead Management


Basware Oyj faced the all too common problem of misalignment between sales and marketing. Some opportunities and leads got stuck in the funnel. So Basware developed a program called No Lead Left Behind to help solve their funnel challenges.

Basware Aligns Marketing and Sales to Leave No Lead Behind


Industry:  Educational Services

Revenue: N/A

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Focus:  Marketing Automation


One of the biggest challenges facing any small marketing team is maintaining contact with your customer base and generating leads with limited marketing resources. Before investing in Eloqua’s marketing automation platform, the two-person marketing team at Upskilled faced this very challenge. 


Upskilled Gets on the Road to Marketing Automation Utopia



Industry: Nonprofit Society
Location: Washington, DC
Budget: $170 million

Focus: Loyalty

Alison Chandler had a lot on her mind as she worked the booth at yet another scientific conference. As a marketing manager for The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), some heavy responsibility fell onto her lap.

AAAS Takes Membership Renewal to a New Level

Swiss Post Solutions

Industry: Other
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Revenue: $501M - $2B USD

Focus: Revenue Performance Management


After significant organic growth and acquisitions, Swiss Post made a decision to amalgamate 30+ global brands into one single brand – Swiss Post Solutions (SPS). Historically, SPS was known for superior operational delivery. As an operations-led organization, marketing played more of a sales support than a strategic function with departments located worldwide.

Swiss Post Solutions Drives Global Marketing Efficiency

Axios Systems

Industry: Software and Technology
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Revenue: Less than $100M USD

Focus: Lead Nurturing


Prior to implementing Eloqua, the lead generation process at Axios Systems was in a difficult state. Although the company had a good volume of incoming leads, they were not being properly scored, prioritized, and nurtured in an organised manner. Conversion rates through the sales and marketing funnel were low and sales opportunities were being missed.

Axios Systems Uses Digital Body Language Insights

Eaton Corporation

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Cleveland, OH
Revenue: More than $2B USD

Focus: Brand


Although Eaton is a one hundred year-old, multi-billion dollar global organization, the company was struggling to build brand awareness and increase market share in the crowded IT marketplace. Eaton was considered the underdog in this market, where they had not traditionally been known as a supplier of products and services that power small and medium data centers. The marketing team met to discuss this problem and agreed that the time had come for things to change and employ modern marketing nurturing methods.

Eaton Repowers Brand in the IT Marketplace


Industry: Software and Technology
Revenue: Less than $100M USD

Location: Seattle, WA

Focus: Email Marketing


When the marketing team at DocuSign was implementing Eloqua10, they made an interesting discovery. They did not require more content to run their campaigns like many other organizations. They already had a large number of content creators creating a huge library of assets. What was lacking was an effective structure that would keep their multitude of assets organized.

DocuSign Redefines Process That Yields Revenue Results


Industry: Software and Technology
Revenue: More than $2B USD

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Focus: Compliance


Kim Mai and Teri O’Neal at NetApp marketing knew the other shoe would drop. Eventually. For years, regulators in the UK talked about limiting what buyer behavior companies could track on the web, batting around so called “cookies laws.” Charged with leading NetApp’s marketing automation efforts for the EMEA region, Kim and Teri were nervous.

UK Privacy Laws: NetApp Complies and Thrives


Industry: Software and Technology
Location: Redmond, WA
Revenue: $101M - $500M USD

Focus: Sales Enablement

A combined effort between Concur’s sales and marketing teams to build total alignment in strategy, process and systems – including Eloqua and integration – increased Concur’s ability to generate business.

Eloqua and Salesforce Integration Helps Concur Increase Efficiency, Grow Business

Arrow S3

Industry: Software and Technology
Location: Irving, TX
Revenue: N/A

Focus: Sales Enablement


Arrow S3 leveraged Eloqua’s sales enablement tools such as sales email templates, weekly reports and real-time notifications of website activity to improve conversion throughout the funnel and improve usage of

Arrow S3 Embraces Sales Enablement Tools


Industry: Software and Technology
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Revenue: $501M - $2B USD

Focus: Lead Management


With more than 100 competitors, McAfee realised that its sales and marketing teams had to work closely together to drive revenue growth. Agreement and alignment between the two departments was crucial to creating marketing effectiveness and improving the sales pipeline.

McAfee Reaps the Benefits of Eloqua’s Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation Programs


Industry: Media and Information Networks
Revenue: Less than $100M USD

Location: Folsom, CA

Focus: Marketing Automation


The team at e.Republic needed to move from database disaster and email blaster, to a metric oriented, well automated sales & marketing team with their sights set on achieving true RPM (revenue performance management.)

eRepublic is Making all the Right Email Moves






Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Lisle, IL

Revenue: $3.5B USD

Focus: Lead Scoring


Much like shopping for sports caps, Don Gushurst, the Director of Marketing Operation Services at Molex had a problem with a one-size-fits-all lead management approach because too many sizing factors can influence the fit.


Molex Manufactures Success with Multimode Lead Scoring


Industry: Technology
Revenue: $28.9 million

Location: Denver, CO

Focus: Content Marketing

Competing in a crowded audio and video conferencing marketplace against huge companies with significantly more marketing budget, ReadyTalk needed to fight back. Marketing Manager Bo Bandy knew that the only way to improve organic search performance against these behemoths was to have fresh content, and lots of it.


ReadyTalk Gets the Word Out with More Content and Better Search Engine Results

Bass Pro Shops

Industry: Retail
Revenue: $3.83 billion

Location: Springfield, MO

Focus: Content Marketing


With 58 retail stores across the United States and Canada, Bass Pro Shops is undeniably one of North America’s premier outdoor retailers, serving more than 100 million customers—men, women, and children—a year. But the company wanted to create deeper and more meaningful interactions within each store’s markets.


Bass Pro Shops Helps Local Stores Connect to their Local Markets


Industry: Technology

Revenue: $83 million

Location: McLean, VA

Focus: Content Marketing


Six distinct product offerings. Six distinct audiences. Eight moderator/editors working with more than 50 content writers. Cvent—the world’s largest provider of online event management, meeting site selection, and web survey software solutions—needed a seamless, efficient interface with enterprise reliability to manage all of its disparate marketing content.


Cvent Coordinates and Repurposes Content for Varying Audiences


Industry: Transportation

Revenue: $840,000

Location: Austin, TX

Focus: Content Marketing

PetRelocation was founded in 2004 to give white-glove service to pet owners in need of transporting their pets safely and securely. Since customers are very careful in deciding whom to entrust with transporting their pets, PetRelocation uses Oracle Content Marketing as the hub of its marketing strategy to provide customers with the exact content they need in their decision-making process.


PetRelocation Uses Content Marketing to Boost Organic Search and Conversion

Indiana University

Industry: Education

Revenue: $2.1 billion

Location: Indiana

Focus: Content Marketing


Recruiting and retaining quality students is every university’s goal. To that end, Indiana University (IU) had an idea: enable existing IU students to create content about campus life and share credible, real information that high school students can trust.


Indiana University Boosts Recruitment by Meeting Students on Social Media Channels



Industry: Technology

Revenue: N/A

Location: Madison, WI

Focus: Content Marketing


With more than 65 years of experience, Widen offers industry-leading digital asset management solutions for marketing, IT, and creative professionals. But as of 2007, Widen’s marketing department consisted of four people mainly focused on outbound marketing and sales collateral, trying to push the company’s way of thinking about digital asset management through cold calls and emails.


Widen Shows Off Its Digital Asset Chops with Oracle Content Marketing