Convert More Leads Into Revenue

Target the Right Buyer

Modern Marketers use targeting and segmentation software that automatically creates and manages individual profiles by capturing website visits, email responses, and form information. View summaries of behavioral data—your prospect’s Digital Body Language™—in multiple ways depending on the audience.


Relevance + Conversion = Revenue


It’s a simple equation.
The more targeted and relevant your marketing campaigns, the more people will engage and respond and the more revenue you will drive. Effective targeting starts with clean data and the ability to segment based on both who your prospects are and what they do. Maximizing message relevancy improves lead generation and decreases nasty unsubscribes.


Building the perfect list using detailed criteria.

Who: Prospect job title and organizational role.

What: Responses to marketing campaigns and behaviors. 

When: Logs of website visits and pages viewed.


Precise marketing segmentation pays off.
Target prospects based on website user click-stream data. Generate conversion rates that outperform untargeted broadcast campaigns by nearly 400%.

Contact Profiling and Segmentation


Segmenting audiences with website activity profiles that reveal Digital Body Language.

  • Deliver relevant, targeted, and meaningful communications to engage leads and drive the sales cycle.
  • Automatically create and manage comprehensive activity profiles for any individual that visits your website, receives an email, or gets uploaded to your database.
  • Use Oracle Eloqua Customer Profiler Cloud Service to deliver at-a-glance, visual summaries of prospect activity for salespeople that’s embedded within their CRM system.
  • Filter contacts into or out of campaigns with precision based on any contact field, company association, lead rating, or activity.
  • Merge and de-duplicate groups of contacts with intuitive lead generation and lead management tools.

Data Management


Ensuring segmentation accuracy with data hygiene standards.

  • Append, normalize, and clean marketing data on a single integrated platform.
  • Standardize and normalize your data to ensure segmentation accuracy and optimum marketing analytics.
  • Tailor your marketing efforts with custom data brought in from any external source.
  • Synchronize up to 250 contact fields with your CRM marketing system to give sales real-time information on hot leads.
  • Seamlessly update or append address and contact information from a third-party vendor with Oracle Eloqua AppCloud. 

Data Integration and Eloqua AppCloud


Integrating data between sales and marketing applications.

  • Integrate and connect to a wide range of marketing and sales applications and services.
  • Access insightful data and marketing analytics from tools like web conferencing platforms, social media services, customer data providers, and CRM marketing applications.
  • Take advantage of more supported integrations than any other marketing automation platform.
  • Make smarter decisions, better automate the lead generation process, and reach more buyers. 
  • Use Oracle Eloqua AppCloud to better understand your buyer, achieve greater ROI through marketing automation, and extend your marketing investments.

Preference Management


Enabling contacts to specify communication preferences with subscription management tools.

  • Deliver relevant content to your targets with preference management using simple bounce and opt-out management for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Determine which content types will appeal to your audience and how often to promote them for better lead generation.
  • Use Email Subscription Manager to let your email recipients select email groups to receive emails.
  • Browse through a library of pre-configured preference management solutions that provide a more sophisticated menu of options.

Dynamic Landing Pages


Creating landing pages, website forms, and microsites that adapt to different audience segments.

  • Create engaging, personalized landing pages and forms with the help of your IT department.
  • Use intuitive visual editors that make it easy to create and deploy without coding knowledge.
  • Build content-driven, personalized microsites that greet your prospects by name, deliver targeted content, and increase conversion rates.
  • Optimize the user experience and increase lead response rates with pre-populated forms and consistent branding and layout.
  • Easily define form fields and execute up to 20 actions from a single form submittal, such as triggering an autoresponder email when a form is submitted.