Eloqua “Strict Mode” Features Help Marketers Comply with New European Privacy Regulations


Eloqua, the leading provider of Revenue Performance Management solutions, today announced new “strict mode” features that help marketers comply with the EU’s high profile privacy tracking regulations.  The legislation, which takes effect on May 25, 2011, impacts every marketer who interacts electronically with customers and prospects based in EU countries. 

Under an added amendment to the EU privacy directive, organizations conducting online marketing campaigns in the member states must receive explicit permission, or opt-in consent, to track individuals’ actions online. The Eloqua platform now helps marketers comply with the new opt-in requirements by automating the process of requesting opt-in consent from online visitors and automatically updating customers’ databases with contacts’ opt-in status.  Eloqua users simply have to check a setting in the application to trigger the automated process, regardless of the recipient’s country of residence.

According to James Cardew, Global Head of Marketing at Schroders, “Compliance and a positive customer experience go hand-in-hand.  Eloqua is helping us make sure our marketing efforts adhere not only to the new requirements, but also to the desires of our customers and prospects.”


Eloqua is the largest marketing automation vendor in the EU and a recognized champion of consumer privacy.  As a result, marketers throughout Europe look to Eloqua to provide the technology to help adapt to changing legislation.  “Companies doing business in the European Union are deeply concerned about staying within the bounds of these new requirements,” said Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer at Eloqua. “Eloqua is staying ahead of these changes by introducing these new features. Once activated, this feature automates the process of requesting opt-in functionality and helps organizations comply with stricter regulations.”


The new features are available today to Eloqua customers marketing in the EU at no charge. Customers can watch and learn more about the directive here and can implement these options by contacting their support specialist.